Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Dr. Rodriguez's medical background?

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What is a Primary Care Physician?

A PCP is the doctor in charge of rendering basic health services to your child. The PCP will see your healthy child periodically (routine physical examinations) or any time he/she is sick. Among other functions, the PCP decides- and ultimately authorizes- hospital admissions, transfers to ER, referrals to specialists, labs and X-rays. Some insurances would assign a Primary Care Physician (PCP) to your child. Some others do not have PCPs, but a network of doctors and health providers, or they simply allow you to go to any doctor in the community.


Is Dr. Rodriguez my PCP?

If Dr. Rodriguez is your PCP, you will see My Children's Doctor, PA written on your insurance card.


What happens if I want my child to be seen by Dr. Rodriguez, but he is not my PCP?

Among the Medicaid insurances, just Medipass allows your child to be seen by a different PCP. An authorization has to be requested to the PCP, though. If the authorization is given to us, we can go ahead and see your child. Otherwise he/she can always stay with us as a private patient (not insurance-covered). Most private insurances do not allow to be seen by a different PCP, but they do allow you to permanently change PCP.


How can I change my PCP to Dr. Rodriguez?

If your insurance allows you to change PCPs, you can go ahead and make the change through the customer service number written on your insurance card, or through your case worker. A list of most insurances phone numbers and websites is available for you in our Insurances page.
For most Medicaid insurances, if requested before the 5th of each month, the change will be effective by the first of next month. If requested later than the 5th, two months will be required for the change to be effective.
If Medipass happens to be your insurance,
remember new babies need their own Medicaid number. Call the Medicaid Office Line to get your child assigned to My Children's Doctor, PA.  The number to add a new patient is 1(888)367-6554 and the number to change your provider is 1(800)226-6735.
Most private insurances allow you to change PCP when requested.

What is a referral?

A referral is the procedure of directing your child to a specialist.

Here are the main steps to do a referral:

bullet Dr. Rodriguez determines in an office visit that your child needs to be evaluated by a specialist.
bullet You contact such specialist from the specialist list provided by your insurance, and set the appointment.
bullet You then call our office and let us know the name, phone, fax and address of the specialist, and the date & time of the appointment.
bullet We timely fax over the referral to the specialist.
bullet You keep your specialist office visit.
bullet The specialist forwards results to Dr. Rodriguez.
bullet You contact Dr. Rodriguez's office for results and a follow-up visit, if applicable.


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